Crypto can be very overwhelming when you first start learning about all the different coins, how the blockchain process works, etc. I’ve put together a list of websites and resources that will help with your beginner crypto questions and beyond.

Reddit – Cryptocurrency Community

One of my favorite resources for crypto news, insightful tips and general crypto discussion. This community is a valuable tool for learning about all aspects of crypto. The reddit community members post about specific coins (the good and bad), discuss the latest major headlines, share insightful tips to save money and much more. The community moves at a fast pace and there is never a shortage of valuable content to learn from.

CoinDesk & CoinTelegraph – Crypto News

I visit both CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph on a regular basis to keep on top of the latest cryptocurrency news. While I might not have time to read every article, I find browsing the news is a good indication of where the crypto market is heading as a whole. You can generally gauge is the market feels positive or negative based on headlines.

CoinMarketCap – Crypto Charts, Prices & More

This website ranks the top cryptocurrencies based on total market cap and provides up-to-date pricing information and other valuable tools. Don’t forget that CoinMarketCap has a program where you can earn free crypto while you learn crypto. It’s a great program!

Blockfolio – Crypto Portfolio App

I started using this app a few days ago and I’m loving it. I manually entered my portfolio information and I can now track my progress in one easy spot. Prior to this app I had to open multiple exchange apps to guess my total movement. It seems like a very valuable tool.

Coinbase Earn & CoinMarketCap Earn

As discussed in this article talking about ways to earn free crypto, both of these programs are proven to be safe and effective means to earn free cryptocurrency. No deposits are required. Simply register your account, validate your identity and your good to go.