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There are currently 8 cryptocurrency terms in this directory beginning with the letter S.

Secret Key
A piece of code generated in asymmetric-key encryption process, paired with a public key, to be used in decrypting information hashed with the public key.

Sell Wall
A situation where a large limit order has been placed to sell when a cryptocurrency reaches a certain value.

The act of enthusiastically promoting a cryptocurrency or ICO project.

A coin with no obvious potential value or usage.

A trading technique in which a trader borrows an asset in order to sell it, with the expectation that the price will continue to decline. In the event that the price does decline, the short seller will then buy the asset at this lower price in order to return it to the lender of the asset, making the difference in profit.

SIM-swaps — sometimes referred to as port-out scams — have come into the spotlight as a major concern for cryptocurrency holders in recent years.

Soft Cap
The minimum amount that an initial coin offering (ICO) wants to raise.

A cryptocurrency with extremely low volatility, sometimes used as a means of portfolio diversification. Examples include gold-backed cryptocurrency or fiat-pegged cryptocurrency.

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